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Welcome to Volley 2019!

Created by Enzo Jobert using Lua in PICO-8.
You, Jeff, were at the very top of the Volleyball Leaderboards.
Constantly trumping every team in the eastern bracket... until...
The Eastern Volleyball Indestructables LLC., create a robo clone of you!
The robot was known as the Fast Fighting E.V.I.L. Jeff!
It has quickly climbed the ranks to get to you... can you beat F.F.E.J.?
-or will you be bested once and for all.
You can use the ESC key to open the menu.
The Directional arrows to move.
The X key to hit the ball.
Gameplay Features:
There is a one second cooldown between hits.
You can only hit the ball if the centre of your character is inside of it.
Although your character bounces off the left and right walls, as well as the net-
-you only slow down near the back of the map for ease of play.
Side Note:
There is no sound due to the lack of an audio output device in my computer.


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